In leadership there is a stage where the leaders do not work for themselves, rather they keep motivating their junior counterparts.

4 days


COE , excellence

Working with Emotional Intelligence

In the book “Good to Great“, author Jim Collins et al. describes the leadership hierarchies in a similar way to the “need hierarchy” described by Abraham Maslow. Based on the premise that, like the Level 5 need hierarchy need of self-actualization, there is a stage in leadership where the leaders do not work for themselves, but motivate their junior counterparts; that they only talk of what their protégé’s achievements are and very rarely allude to themselves or what their own contribution has been in the success of their enterprise.

The Working with Emotional Intelligence module keeps the research-based findings of the book “Good to Great” in view by synchronizing the context with emotional intelligence as developed by Daniel Goleman.

In this Level 5 training program, the participants embark on a journey, trekking the Kokoda track for a period of a few days and return.

The entire journey is well organized and all safety parameters are met, as per the laws and policies as prevalent in PNG.

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