An immersive virtual office experience covering basic computer skills, connecting hardware, installing software and using online communications.

Five weeks (full time)


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Information Technology Simulation

One of the greatest challenges for any student graduating from University or College is adjusting to real work environment. Together with our industry local partners we designed an immersive + experiential based course to help bridge the gap between academia and industry so our graduates can immerse themselves in a work environment and see how the skills they have attained in their courses are applied in a practical commerce and industry setting.

The Information Technology simulation programme is an immersive virtual office experience that takes all participants through basic computer & desktop skills from connecting hardware and installing software through to using Microsoft office products, surfing the internet, using social media through to communicating via email.

Delivered in an office setting every participant works through each stage as an employee of the virtual office all participants will learn how to use a computer, install software, use the internet for research and use email and social media for communicating.

There are several batches that commence at different times during the year.

Course Duration:   5 weeks (full time)

Times: 0800-1700 (with a 1 hour lunch break)

Entry Requirements:   Studied through IBS or a part of a Corporate Training programme.

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