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The Institute of Business Studies (IBS) is a multipurpose education provider with a passion for enriching lives through world-class education, training and research.

This year, we celebrate 32 years of education in PNG.


The Institute of Business Studies (IBS), from its’ humble beginning in 1987 as an arm of Nades & Associates, primarily providing revision classes for the needs of Papua New Guinea Institute of Accountants (now CPA PNG).

It formally became the Institute of Business Studies in 1989 and quickly grew into a premium tertiary education provider.

In 1994, IBS expanded its mission to offer certificate courses in Accounting and Business for grade 10 school leavers who were rejected by the formal education system.

Partnerships with Australian universities

IBS achieved another milestone in 1999 when it began offering internationally recognised Australian degree programs in partnership with Southern Cross University Australia, first in Accounting and IT, and later in Marketing and Human Resource Development.

This partnership has expanded and matured over the past twenty years with both face-to-face and online offerings.

In 2003 IBS became the first education provider to offer an MBA program face-to-face in PNG in partnership with Deakin University, Australia.

Evolving into the thriving university, we are today

IBS intentions to become a university began in 2005. The passion for learning and persistence to become a full-fledged university became a reality in December 2016 with approval from the National Executive Council (NEC), later gazetted on January 25, 2017.

IBSUniversity introduced its own degree programs in February 2017.

These include:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Economics and Development
  • Business and Management
  • Information and Technology

Both SCU and IBSU programs are offered at the IBS Mt. Eriama campus at 11 Mile.

Our goals

To actively implement student-centred learning methodologies which enhance individuals.

To produce high calibre graduates who can contribute to our society and the nation.

To provide hands on, real world training through the IBS Career Development Centre. 

To facilitate outbound management and leadership programs based on experiential learning. 

To enable our faculties and students to develop their research skills through the IBS Research Centre.  

To help our students realise and develop their natural talents and interests. 

To work with passionate and disciplined people who can help us achieve our vision.  

To encourage our faculties and students to live our mission and values. 

To develop disciplined actions which achieve our goals.

Our values

INTEGRITY: An unwavering COMMITMENT to delivering our promises. 

INNOVATION: Applying new ideas to improve our lives and the society we live in. 

EXCELLENCE: An unwavering resolve to achieve world standards. 

ACCOUNTABILITY: Taking ownership of our actions and decisions. 

RESPONSIBILITY: Assuming a proactive response to industry expectations. 

COLLABORATION: Prioritising internal teamwork and external collaboration to grow and sustain success. 

RESPECT: Extending the courtesy we expect in return. 

SERVICE: Our ultimate commitment is to serving our students and client partners beyond expectations. 

Strategic vision

To be a contemporary and innovative university by enriching lives through world-class education, training and research. Our eight strategic focus areas include:

  1. A vibrant student experience
  2. Excellence in research innovation and public engagement
  3. Embracing best HR and development practices
  4. Accountability through effective governance, risk management and compliance
  5. Efficient and effective use of resources
  6. Producing “work-ready” graduates
  7. Incubation and startup funding
  8. Infrastructure development

In pursuit of this, we will build a rich culture by attracting disciplined people with disciplined thoughts. This will create a positive environment and contribute to our success in achieving our future vision.

Service Pillars

IBS University

IBS University

Currently provides Australian & local undergraduate degree courses in the fields of Accounting & Finance, Business & Management, Economics & Development Studies & Information & Communication Technology.

Post graduate degrees coming soon.

IBS University

IBS College

IBS College

Currently provides Cert III & IV in  Technical and Vocational Education and Training in the fields of Accounting, which is the Australian equivalent to TAFE.

Provides a pathway for Year 10 leavers to attain undergraduate degrees.

College Courses

IBS Careers

IBS Careers

Delivers immersive experiential learning practical courses to bridge the academia and industry divide, making participants workforce-ready.

Work placements as well as a 6 week work simulation program through experiential learning.


IBS Excellence

IBS Excellence

Provides tailor-made corporate training programs designed for in-house and outbound delivery.

IBS Excellence

IBS Research

IBS Research

Provides research services to private and public enterprise on a consultancy basis to influence decision makers through evidence-based information and insights.

Publication of bi-annual research journal.

IBS Research

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