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1. Introduction

Students who often faced struggles in personal and academic life often missed out on important assessments. Under special circumstances, the Lecturer provide Incomplete grade for students. A prescribed period of time is given to the student to perform the pending task. This would allow a student, with justified reason, to pass the unit.

2. Purpose

To provide clarity on awarding and completion of Incomplete Grade.

3. Objective

3.1 To set out the reason to award Incomplete Grades;
3.2 Specify the prescribed period to complete the grade;
3.3 Authority of Board of Assessors to approve of final grade.

4. Related Legislation, Regulation and Standards

4.1 National Standards for Higher Education Institutional Registration by National Higher and Technical Board

5. Scope

This policy applies to students who have obtained Incomplete Grade.

6. Definition

“Grade” is the mark which indicates the quality of the student’s work during the semester.

“Incomplete Grade” Non-fulfillment of partial assessments will be termed as confirmed grade in due course.

7. Roles and Responsibilities

7.1 Academic Board

a. Keep a record of students with incomplete grades during the regular board meeting;

7.2 Board of Assessors

a. Keep a record of students with incomplete grades during the regular board meeting;

b. Determine whether to allow the students to go through the completion process;

c. Set the completion due date if it requires a shorter period than the prescribed one year;

d. Include the completion of grade in next regular or special Board Meeting;

e. Scrutinize the Detailed Record of Marks Statement which relates to the completion of grade; and

f. Approve or disapprove the completed grade;

7.3 Lecturer

a. Include the names of the students with Incomplete grades, with the reason why incomplete grade was given, in BOA Pre-Meeting Data Sheet [ACD0011];

b. Received and marked the outstanding assessment of students who wish to complete the grade;

c. Prepare Detailed Record of Marks Statement of students who wish to complete the grade;

7.4 Student

a. Need to complete the grade within the prescribed period.

7.5 Registrar and Student Services Department

a. Encode the grade in Student Management System;

b. Inform the student of their grades.

8. Procedure

8.1 Reason students receive incomplete grading.

a. Students had failed to submit assignment before Board of Assessors Meeting due to reason beyond control;

b. Students are or will be competing in Olympic, Continental Games such as Pacific Games, which prevent them to do academic work;

c. State of emergency is declared, and movement of students had been restricted;

d. Health and medical emergencies which impede them in performing academic work; and

e. Death in immediate family (Parents, siblings, or children).

8.2 Criteria for completion of grades;

a. Student had attended 75% attendance or completed 75% of requirements in Learning Management System;

b. Submitted at least one full assessment, and other assessment submission where affected by circumstances mention in 8.1;

c. Communicated the situation to Lecturer a day before the assessment; except on emergency cases; and

d. Where, if the student sat or submitted the assessment which was previously unattended by him/her, the student can obtain at least Pass grade.

8.3 During the Board of Assessors Meeting (with discussion of incomplete grades)

a. The Lecturer, upon completion of audit marking process, prepare Detailed Record of Marks Statement;

b. Attached with the Detailed Record of Marks Statement are BOA Pre-Data-Meeting, which will include the name of the students with incomplete grade and the reason why;

c. During the Board of Assessor Meeting, the assigned minute taker will collect the name of the students with incomplete grade for recordkeeping and next Board meeting;

d. The Board of Assessors should decide on whether to allow students to complete the grades using the criteria stated in 8.2;

e. The result of the decision should be informed to the students by Registrar and Student Services Department;

f. Concurrently, Lecturers should encode the grade in Learning Management System for student’s information.

8.4 Completion Process

a. During the completion process, the students should communicate with Lecturer on the details of missed assessment within two weeks after the publication of grade;

b. Students will be given One Session after publication of grade to complete;

c. In case there is a decision to complete the grade in shorter period of time, the student needs to abide by it;

d. The Lecturer will mark the submitted assessment and will go through audit marking process;

e. After audit marking, the Lecturer will then prepare Detailed Record of Marks Statement to be submitted in Board of Assessor;

f. School needs to inform the Chair of Board of Assessor to include the completion of grade in the Agenda for the next Board meeting;

g. Student failing to complete will automatically received Failed mark.

8.5 During the Board of Assessor Meeting (with discussion of completion of grade).

a. Included in the agenda, the Board of Assessor will scrutinize the information provided by the Lecturer for the completion of grade;

b. The reason of incomplete grade will be revisited and determine if the criteria and process had been complied;

c. The board has the power to approve or reject the completion request, and will need to provide the reason why;

d. The result will be then forwarded to Registrar and Student Services Department and will inform the students.

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Mr. Milfred Lopez
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Policy Review Committee
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