Institute of Business Studies (IBS) was founded on the principle that all Papua New Guineans should have the opportunity to participate in Accounting and Business professions that were otherwise taken by expatriates. 

In the early 1990s IBS realised that there was a large proportion of students who could not make it beyond grade 10 due to limited spaces. It developed a pathway in order for these students to continue their education at a tertiary level and eventually become degree holders. 

The college provides educational options for students leaving school in Years 10, 11 or 12 who couldn’t make national selection, and enables them to further their studies, discover their talents, find their place in the workforce and become business professionals. 

IBS is now a premier private education provider in the areas of Accounting, Business and Information Technology. We pride ourselves on providing quality education and training which leads to real career outcomes and pathways for further study.

student at IBS University

Benefits of studying at IBS

IBS programs give students the dual benefit of qualifying for jobs or furthering their tertiary studies in the same area. That’s why we call it a qualification with a double edge. 

Our curricula has been developed to be on par with Australian TAFE courses. College certificates enable students to develop professionally, while also having a positive impact on their overall attitude, self esteem and confidence. 

Learning with IBS means that the qualification you earn is recognised by employers throughout the country. Being registered with the National Training Council (NTC), our certificate courses also meet the standards of the PNG National Qualification Framework.

Why is IBS College so effective?

Students are trained by facilitators who possess expert knowledge of industry requirements, and have a detailed understanding of the expectations of employers. Courses are structured to maximise practical skills, prioritising face-to-face teaching, delivered in lecture halls or labs and combined with sufficient practical sessions.

The college also provides a pathway for Year 10 leavers to pursue further studies and eventually enter local and Australian undergraduate degree programs. 


certificate 4 in information technology image-reduced
Certificate 4 in Information Technology
Advanced Diploma in Accounting
Online Advanced Diploma in Accounting
Associate Degree in Information Technology
Online Advanced Diploma in Economics
Certificate 3 in Accounting
Certificate 3 in Accounting
Online Diploma in Accounting
Online Diploma in Accounting
Diploma of Information Technology
Diploma in Information Technology
Diploma in Accounting
Diploma in Accounting and Finance
Diploma Business Management
Diploma in Business and Management
certificate 4 in business image-reduced
Certificate 4 in Business
certificate 4 in human resources image
Certificate 4 in Human Resources
Online Diploma in IT
Online Diploma in Information Technology
certificate 4 in accounting image-edited
Certificate 4 in Accounting
Diploma of Economics
Diploma in Economics and Development Studies
Online Diploma in Economics
Online Diploma in Economics
certificate 3 in business image-reduced
Certificate 3 in Business
Advanced Diploma in Information Technology
Online Advanced Diploma in Information Technology
Advanced Diploma Business Management
Online Advanced Diploma in Business
Diploma Business Management
Online Diploma in Business
certificate 3 in information technology image-reduced
Certificate 3 in Information Technology