Mr. Chad Lando Moses​ Head of Safety and Security Supervisor

Greetings, Welcome to IBS University Security Force web page, I would like to welcome you on behalf of the security department and the founder Mick Nades to this wonderful and eye-catching institution, for I the head supervisor of safety & security here in this lovely organization, I hope this web page will help you find the right & correct ​

Information you seek on your arrival, I hope after reading this whole site you should be in a better position to join our daily routines here.”

Safety & Security team in here are committed and governed by rules set by the institution itself, the team creates a safe and secure learning/working environment in here, we provide first class security service 24-7 hours, days & nights to the community as well as confidence, peace, trust, balance, safety and wellbeing to this very community, we also help support the surrounding communities to provide ourselves a better stay in here. You will find out that we are effectively committed to personal security matters in and around the institution​ in which we over look.

Our Purpose

Your safety is our number one priority, to ensure your stay in here will be safe and secure, in means of education, work or business visits, will be successful until the end.We are also to enforce laws in the institution, as well as contain justice and order at all times.


Our aim is to provide support and advice on personal security matters, property safety, crime prevention, personal asset integrity, decrease natural hazard risks and carry out safety control measures.


To upgrade the security department and also to market the institution.

Types of Services

The types of security service we provide are mainly:

  • Static Guards
  • Client & staff or student escort
  • CCTV Monitors
  • Dog handles (Canal security) PM Shifts
IBS Security team