The Career Development Centre (CDC) is OBS is designed to ensure effective training and upskilling of IBS students and outside parties. The centre focuses on industry trends, applications and processes in the areas of Accounting, Information Technology, Marketing and Human Resource Management.

Benefits of studying at IBS

All IBS instructors are Cisco/IT certified and have completed training in an Instructor Training Center (ITC)​.
IBS is registered as a Cisco Network Academy institution and affiliated with Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) as an Academy Support Center (ASC)​.
IBS has a dedicated classroom with reliable internet access and required networking equipment.​

CCNA Routing and Switching
CCNA® Routing and Switching
Microsoft A+
CompTIA A+
IT Essential (PC Support)
Microsoft Certified Associate
MCSA – Microsoft Certified Solution Associate
Web Development with CMS
Web Development using CMS (WordPress)
Human Resource Simulation
Human Resource Simulation
Programming Essentials in Python
Programming Essentials in Python
Information Technology Simulation
Web Programming in PHP
Web Development and Programming in PhP
CCNA Cybersecurity Operations
CCNA Cybersecurity Operations
Accounting Simulation
Accounting Simulation