The Career Development Centre (CDC) is designed to bridge the gap between academia and industry to create work-ready graduates. The centre focuses on industry trends, applications and processes in the areas of Accounting, Information Technology, Marketing and Human Resources.

One of the biggest challenges for students entering the workforce is being able to put academic theory into practice. All of our students are encouraged to undertake a simulation program aligned with their area of study which helps them put into practice what they have learnt in their classrooms. Our corporate partners prefer graduates who have undergone the simulation, as they are better prepared for the workforce.

Operating since 2008, the CDC has expanded in line with an increasing need for career-based training and upskilling in PNG. The centre bridges the gap between academic learning and the practical requirements of employment via IBS CDC Labs, which are designed to give students hands-on experience working in a real office environment, all while applying their theoretical knowledge and building on their natural talent.

Our services also include an internship program and employment assistance for students beginning their careers.

Our training and development programs

Our professional programs

IT professional courses in Computer Networks, Programming, Web Design and Development, PC-Support, Database Administration, and Server Administrator