This course explains and analyses the basic science, theory, principles of management and how they relate the practice of managing.

1 year (full time)


associate degree , business , IBSU

Associate Degree in Business and Management

Available online and face to face.

Associate Degree in Business and Management (ADBM) is designed to provide theoretical knowledge and skills in the field of business and management. This will definitely provide knowledge under the elements of management principles.  It also covers the practical side of management and entrepreneurship, functional areas of marketing, finance and human resources management. This programme is a pathway to pursue Bachelor degree in the relevant/equivalent discipline.  The Programme is designed to suit the industry requirement of PNG by reviewing the relevant programmes offered by the leading universities in Pacific Region.


  • Face-to-face lectures
  • Practical classes
  • Job training
  • Industry visits

This course is comprised of eight units, each designed to build your capabilities in the areas mentioned above. The structure is aligned with workplace outcomes and global industry requirements.

Year 3 – Semester 1

BM0301 Global and Asian Marketing (BM0202)

BM0302 Strategic Management (BM0102)

BM0303 Business Research

Elective 1 One subject from Group A

Year 3 – Semester 2

BM0304 Business Information System

BM0305 Introduction to Industrial Relations

BM0306 Consumer Behaviour (BM0202)

BM0307 Quantitative Business Analysis (IT0201)

Entry requirements: Diploma in Business Management

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