This course is to equip the students with critical thinking and problem-solving skills in many aspects of IT particularly on business process and IT strategies, information security and infrastructure management, object-oriented systems, multimedia systems and wireless technologies.

1 year (full time)


associate degree , IBSU , IT

Associate Degree in Information Technology

Available online and face to face.

The Associate Degree in Information Technology (ADIT) is developed to meet the professional and academic needs of graduates to function effectively in the system analysis, design & development, multimedia authoring and management of computer systems including information technology infrastructure security.  This provides high-level information and communications technology (ICT) theories and practices to enable them to be effective in the middle-level ICT roles within the organisations.


  • Face-to-face lectures
  • Practical classes
  • Job training
  • Industry visits

This course is comprised of eight units, each designed to build your capabilities in the areas mentioned above. The structure is aligned with workplace outcomes and global industry requirements.

Year 3 – Semester 1

IT0301 Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

IT0302 Info. Tech. Security Management (IT0205)

IT0303 Object Oriented Programming and Design (IT0206)

IT0304 Business Process and IT Strategy

Year 3 – Semester 2

IT0305 Graphics and Media

IT0306 IT Infrastructure Management (IT0302)

IT0307 Wireless Technologies and Networks

Elective 1 One subject from Group A

Entry requirements: Diploma in Information Technology

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