This course equips students with technical, conceptional and management skills to be effective business managers in modern commercial, government, social and not-for-profit organisations.

3 year (full time)

Bachelor of Business with a major in Accounting

To forge a business career you need creative and agile thinking as much as a calculator. You’ll learn foundational business principles in law, accounting, economics, management and statistics. Our graduates gain the professional, critical thinking and communication skills to run their own businesses and pursue careers in marketing, product management, investment, finance and more.

This course is compromised of 24 units, each designed to build your capabilities in the areas mentioned above. This structure is aligned with workplace outcomes and local industry requirements.

Year 1 – Semester 1

COMM1001 Communication in Organisations
EDUC1001 Language and Learning in your Discipline
MGMT1001 Managing Organisations
MATH1003 Quantitative Methods with Economics

Year 1 – Semester 2

LEGL1007 Introduction to the Business Law of Papua New Guinea
ACCT1001 Accounting and Finance for Business
MRKT1001 Marketing Principles
ECON1001 Economics for Decision Making

Year 2 – Semester 1

ACCT1002 Financial Accounting 
ACCT2007 Accounting for Business
STAT1001 Statistical Analysis 
SOCI1004 Applied Ethics and Sustainability 

Year 2 – Semester 2

LAWS2053 The Company Law of Papua New Guinea (LEGL1007)
ACCT2002 Financial Reporting (ACCT1002)
ACCT2003 Management Accounting (ACCT1002)
MRKT2003 Global Marketing (MRKT1001+132 Credit points in any SCU units)

Year 3 – Semester 1

ACCT3002 Advanced Management Accounting (ACCT2003)
ACCT3004 Auditing (ACCT1002)
MGMT3001 Research for Business and Tourism
MRKT2001 Consumer Behaviour (MRKT1001)

Year 3 – Semester 2

ACCT2006 Papua New Guinea Taxation 
BUSN3003 Entrepreneurship and Innovation
ISYS1004 Contemporary Issues in Information Technology
HRMT3001 The Human Resource Management Expert Practitioner (MGMT1001)

*Units in brackets are prerequisites. 


Course duration: 3 years (full time)​

Entry Requirements for school-leavers are: 

Grade 12 GPA of 2.5 or better with C grades in English and Maths (where Advance Maths is C or better and B Maths is B or better) and C grades or better in other subjects

Entry Requirements for non-school-leavers and other students are: 

Grade 12 GPA of 2.5 or better with C grades in English and Maths (where Advance Maths is C or better and B Maths is B or better) and C grades or better in other subjects. Other qualifications includes Diploma or better and a current Curriculum.

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  • This great. I have a son who applied and was accepted however we cannot afford K24000 per year. Is there a way forward where we can be helped. Iam just an average PNGean.

    Dorothy Levo Siaoa

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