Web Development with CMS


This WordPress course is specially designed for those who wish to know WordPress in and out in order to design and deploy WordPress websites professionally.

60 hrs or 6 weeks (full time)​


IT , professional

Web Development using CMS (WordPress)

This WordPress course will traverse students through the interiors of a WordPress website. This training is especially designed for those who wish to know WordPress in and out so that they can design and deploy WordPress websites professionally.

This course concentrates on how to build your website using WordPress without any programming or design experience.

On completion of this WordPress course you will be able to:

  • Download and install WordPress
  • Configure existing templates and install new ones
  • Build a website, blog or online shop
  • Use plug-ins and widgets
  • Manage users and groups
  • Administer WordPress

Course outline

  1. Introduction to WordPressWordPress Installation and setup
  2. Creating Content with WordPress
  3. How to Publish Images and Videos
  4. Organising the Content on Your Blog
  5. Changing the Appearance of Your Site
  6. How to add functionality to your site with WordPress plugins
  7. Users and User Profiles
  8. Configuring Settings
  9. Getting, and Interacting with, Readers
  10. WordPress: Behind the Curtain
  11. Maintenance and Security
  12. Diving Further into the World of WordPress

Course Duration: 60 hrs or 6 weeks (full time)​
Minimum of four (4) hrs per day​
Entry Requirements: Studied through IBS or part of a corporate training program.

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