IBS Research Centre had begun its operations since April, 2015, as a registered company. In the short span of time, it has provided valuable research and development services to various national and international organizations.​

The IBS Research Centre has synchronized its commitments towards the research by focusing on various research projects.​

​Its research activities relate to syndicated market research and customized market research to suit the requirements of the clients.​

​The syndicated market research brings the customer expectations and perceptions along with evidence-based insights to the decision makers. The company or the public can easily purchase the relevant data or reports at a lower cost than the independent market research. The syndicated market research releases four issues per year to suit the requirements of subscribers. The subscribers can track the changes in the market trend over a specific period of time.​

​The customized market researches are specific to the requirements of clients with the focus directed to the problem scenario of a particular client. This type of research covers wider scope and more volume of data gathering to raise the confidence level of decision makers.​

​Among these, the customized market research helps the organization to take strategic decision on:​

  • Customer satisfaction and their expectation on your products.​
  • Factors responsible for purchasing the specific products/ brands.​
  • SWOT Analysis (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threats)
  • Sales forecasting and growth analysis.​
  • Market expansion and feasibility study.​
  • Brand development and brand building.​
  • Channel selection.​
  • Concept testing.​
  • Market segmentation.