IBS Centre of Excellence has partnered with Innermetrix UK to provide the most advanced psychometric testing tool available today to the region​

Combines three distinct testing instruments for a wholistic personality profile, namely Attributes Index, DISC Profile and the Values profile​

The Attribute Index measures how you think and make decisions, the Values Index measures your motivational style and drivers and the DISC Index measures your preferred behavioural style.​

​Together they answer the questions WHAT?, WHY? and HOW?:​

• What natural talents do you have?​

• Why are you motivated to use them?​

• How do you prefer to use them?

1. The Attribute Index:

We make decisions  using three distinct styles–  The Personal, The Practical & The Analytical. Each of us can make decisions in these three ways but we tend to develop a preference for one, more than the other two.

Understanding how and also why, we think and make the decisions makes the difference between being efficient, productive and valued. The attribute index accurately predicts your decision making style and also ranks and scores 78 personal and professional attributes. It also brings out the hidden biases and blind spots helping individuals to swiftly change their undesirable behavior.

  • Has the highest validity and reliability scores on the market today 
  • Measures critical thinking and decision making 
  • Drives staff engagement, self awareness & personal development
  • Report can be optimized for leadership, team work, management skills or can be customized for unique skill sets

• How do you prefer to use them?

2. Disc Profile​

​The disc index profile helps to measure and understand a person’s natural as well as adaptive behavioural style.​

Understanding behavioural preferences can greatly increase the performance and behavior​

​Four distinct behavior dimensions are measured, namely- ​

Decisiveness– How you tend to approach problems and make decisions​

Interaction– How you tend to interact with others and make decisions​

Stability– How you tend to pace things in your environment​

Cautiousness– You preference for established protocols and procedures​

​Both natural and adaptive capacity is measured.

3. The Values Profile​

​The Values Index measures the relative prominence of seven basic idrives or motives in gaining fulfilment in the job. The Values Index Profile measures what really drives an individual, what their values are, as well as their beliefs and personal interests. The profile is used align an individuals values with organizational culture and company values and is fundamental in managing that person to achieve superior performance in their job.​

​The Values Index measures the relative prominence of​seven basic interests or motives in gaining fulfilment​ in the job:​

Aesthetic ‐ Economic ‐ Individualistic ‐ Political​

Altruistic ‐ Regulatory ‐ Theoretical