Female student graduating from IBS College
  • To actively implement student-centred learning methodologies which enhance individuals.
  • To produce high calibre graduates who can contribute to our society and the nation.
  • To provide hands on, real world training through the IBS Career Development Centre.
  • To facilitate outbound management and leadership programs based on experiential learning.
  • To enable our faculties and students to develop their research skills through the IBS Research Centre.
  • To help our students realise and develop their natural talents and interests.
  • To work with passionate and disciplined people who can help us achieve our vision.
  • To encourage our faculties and students to live our mission and values.
  • To develop disciplined actions which achieve our goals.


INTEGRITY: An unwavering COMMITMENT to delivering our promises.
INNOVATION: Applying new ideas to improve our lives and the society we live in.
EXCELLENCE: An unwavering resolve to achieve world standards.
ACCOUNTABILITY: Taking ownership of our actions and decisions.
RESPONSIBILITY: Assuming a proactive response to industry expectations.
COLLABORATION: Prioritising internal teamwork and external collaboration to grow and sustain success.
RESPECT: Extending the courtesy we expect in return.
SERVICE: Our ultimate commitment is to serving our students and client partners beyond expectations.


“To be a contemporary and innovative university by enriching lives through world-class education, training and research.”

Our eight strategic focus areas include:

  • A vibrant student experience
  • Excellence in research innovation and public engagement
  • Embracing best HR and development practices
  • Accountability through effective governance, risk management and compliance
  • Efficient and effective use of resources
  • Producing “work-ready” graduates
  • Incubation and startup funding
  • Infrastructure development

In pursuit of this, we will build a rich culture by attracting disciplined people with disciplined thoughts. This will create a positive environment and contribute to our success in achieving our future vision.